No Whiny, Bratty, Poutful Requests of God

One thing that I've been guilty of, along w/ many other Christians and ALL religious people who pray, is throwing up "wishes," and prayers motivated by fear, selfishness, vengeance, and greed- all of which none of get answered. In turn, we then get mad at God, or worst, choose to doubt the existence of God. We need to pause, assess a few things, then... chill with that. I'll explain why after a brief story.

When one of my nephews was 3 years-old he was acting a tad bit spoiled in my mind. At that time his mother told me a story that made me cringe and sparked me to write this message for adults. 

One typical morning she made him a bowl of Life cereal, which he enjoyed mind you, to fulfill his needs like a good parent. He then, in a pretentious, bratty, and whiny manner refused it and demanded Cocoa Puffs. Are you ready to cringe??? She then succumbed to his demands, dumped the Life cereal and milk and exacerbated his spoiled behavior by preparing the Cocoa Puffs. Guess what happened next? ...He became even more indignant by yelling, screaming, and demanding Life cereal, AGAIN and defiantly pushed the freshly made Cocoa Puffs away. Needless to say, she wisely ignored his demands and he went to daycare with out breakfast or a so-called "need."

Are you starting to see the parallel I'm trying to make? God is our parent and won't succumb to even our needs if we ask with a bad heart or improper motives. God is not moved by our needs, crying, yelling, and anger. He is moved by OUR FAITH and confident bold (yet reverent), prayers which are in line with His Word. 

I write this to ALL, with emphasis to: "big" stars, stars on the rise, and aspiring stars particularly. We pray intently to "make-it" and for more money but we must question our approach, our motives, and our heart when our prayers go unanswered. If any of your motives are of the following or similar then it's time for a heart change: To rub success in some one's face; Money and fame will solve all my problems; I want people to serve and cater to me; I need to keep up with the "Jones"; I want certain people to fail or get hurt because they hurt me; Someone else's spouse "needs" to be w/me. The list goes on and on and God doesn't answer those prayers!

In conclusion, I'll back all of my counsel with Gods' own Words, not that of my own:
James 4:2,3 (Amplified Version) (2) You are jealous and covet what others have and your desires go unfulfilled; so you become murderers (to hate is to murder as far as the "heart" is concerned). You burn with envy and anger and are not able to obtain the gratification and happiness that you seek so you fight and war. You do not have because you do not ask. (I love this next part!)- (3) Or you do ask God for them and yet fail to receive, because YOU ASK WITH WRONG PURPOSE AND EVIL, SELFISH MOTIVES. Your intention is [when you get what you desire] to spend it in sensual pleasures...

Hello! That says it all! 

Can I get a "SO BE IT?"
I love you all. Just take time to pause, assess your heart, then pray...or not. LOL, You may need to forgive someone or get some things straight with "you" first. Ya' feelin' me?
Be Blessed
- T~Rev

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