Long Life, Honor, and Riches - Attainable or Not?

I want, and want you as well, to live long, be honored, and be rich!

How? Seek skillful and godly Wisdom before anything else in Life! What I'm getting at is we will try every diet, exercise regiment, and pill on earth to be healthy and to EXTEND our LIVES. However, when they don't work out how we imagined we feel like miserable failures, yet we won't try "one" thing. 

Everyone wants HONOR or praise from our peers. Men and women will even "sleep" their way into high positions of life or backstab a friend or family member to gain recognition from someone. Sometimes we choose ultimate lows to attain ultimate highs. To be RICH we will try every pyramid scheme, every popular stock or fund (which can crash at a moment's notice), or we'll even lie, cheat, and steal yet we won't try "one" thing.

Here's an easier way. Go to your grandma's house or look on your own bookshelf and pick up the dustiest book you can find. Blow on it. After you sneeze and rub dust particles out of your eyes you'll have discovered that what you hold is a bible. Yep, and there are actually some encouraging golden nuggets in there. Go to and read Proverbs 3:13,15-16. It says:13) Happy is the man who finds skillful and godly Wisdom and the man who gets understanding from God's WORD and life's experiences. 15) Skillful and godly Wisdom is more precious than rubies; and nothing you can wish for is to be compared to her. 16)Length of days are in her right hand and in her left hand are riches and honor.

I love those scriptures! Notice, that we can get this 'Wisdom' from God's word, lifes experiences, and through Christ because in Him hide all treasures of wisdom and Knowledge (I Cor1:24;Col.2:3).

So seek HIM first and I promise you cool, interesting, and enlightening experiences will unfold.

T~Rev T~Rev

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Bridging The Gap: Parent-to-Child Tip 1

I want to share with you the exact text I sent my son randomly this morning - "Forrest since U were 1 I could clearly C U were born for Greatness & Leadership. So say this affirmation aloud now as to put it into the universe so UR brain hears it".
His response was - "Thanks dad! I did that. I Love You".

When I felt my Spirit tugging me to send him that message I was conflicted to do so when I also heard the 'enemy' in my mind say, "He'll think you're corny, laugh at you, and will be too embarrassed to say that in front of his friends." Boy was the 'enemy' ever wrong about me and my son's relationship! God prevailed with His unction and the opposite response resulted.

I want to share a scripture that I want you parents (young, old, and future) to chew on - Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way that he/she should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. So how should we translate that? First, we all know what the word train means and that we should be teaching integrity, strong character, morals and values and being consistent so that good habits form. However, this Proverb is also talking about and puts major emphasis on your child's career. That word train in its original Greek form (chanak) means to instruct, which we spoke on above, inaugurate, imbue, and put something into one's mouth.

  • Inaugurate -1. make a formal beginning of  2. to induct into office with formal ceremonies; install 3. to introduce into public use with some formal ceremony
  • Imbue - to impregnate or inspire as with feelings, opinions
  • Put somethings into one's mouth - (I'll explain this in the wrap up below)

Since the word inaugurate was used then we know we have to help our kids find their 'office' or 'work' in life. How do we do that? Well, from the beginning (or from this point) , start studying your children's tendencies, habits, and words like you're a scientist and they're lab rats. I assure you that you will pick up on their passions, talents, and what their heart is bent towards. When you notice it simply start directing them towards and facilitate a way that they can access activities that lend themselves to their talent. Next you imbue or inspire and impregnate them with your heartfelt opinions. Compliment their feats and tell them how wonderful they'll be in that office continually so they can get past the tribulations they'll face during the journey. 
Alas you want to Put somethings into one's mouth (your child) by speaking positive things to them and over them (not fabrications or wishes but true qualities) and have them speak them aloud so their brain registers it. They eventually start believing it, want to live up to it, and they will not depart from it.

If you hang around me for any length of time you'll not only hear me say I connect with the youth very well but you'll see it. I get along with all of my kids in an amazing way. I believe it's a God-given ability and insight to be the biggest encourager in the world. My heart is to help other parents bridge the vast gaps that can exist between them and there children. I promise you doing this not only betters your children's personal future but will better society's, the economy's, and relieve a boat load of stress on you.

Go back to my aforementioned text please - my son wants to go to a D1 college to play football and major in communications...We BOTH HAVE SAID he will from the beginning.

In Jesus Name... T~Rev, T~Rev

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