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When your co-worker calls you over to the water cooler to tell you he got a raise, don’t be that person who retorts, “Well don’t get too happy ‘cause they gave me one and demoted me 3 months later…for nothin’.” No! You widen your eyes, hold your mouth agape, then ENCOURAGE and congratulate like it happened to you - EMPATHIZE.

When your girlfriend calls you over and she’s crying telling you how her man cheated, lied, and humiliated her, don’t be that person who retorts, “I told you, I told you, I told you he was a dog. I knew this was gonna happen to you but you didn’t want to listen. I mean I do feel for you but…” No (because you probably wanted him too at one point)! You get out the Kleenex and cry with EMPATHY too, have your arms wide open to comfort, and ENCOURAGE.

Let’s see what God says: Romans 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice [sharing others' joy], and weep with those who weep [sharing others' grief].

There ya go! Avoid hefty fines by staying out of the “Hater Zones” with Empathy and Encouragement (E&E).

T~Rev T~Rev

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Awaiting The Miracle - My Slight Edge Thoughts

The Slight Edge:
You want a Miracle?... Be the Miracle! You want a Quantum Leap (breakthrough) - Then YOU build it one small daily step at a time!....
"Someday" when I... "Someday" doesn't exist. Don't sign up for that class. "Someday" is TODAY! You are already great. You already have success. You already have the skills ect... You know that thing called FAITH - the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen?Well God gave us all a measure of IT. This means it's in your hands. Start doing, and don't take for granted, the minuscule activity that seems insignificant or produces invisible results. Every single step IS the "Someday" and is necessary.

I was having a down moment as I reflected on my career accomplishments while in Denver Traveling with Wheel Of Fortune in May of 2011. I was tempted to mope when I heard what the Bible refers to as "the still small voice" say in my heart, "Embrace every moment for every moment is part of your miracle."
Jeff Olson, who's book-The Slight Edge, I'm paraphrasing right now, said that luck isn't preparedness meeting opportunity. Luck is preparedness - period! I like that. 

I''ve had many encounters with affluent people who could help catapult my career. Because I've never been much of a "someday" guy and I've always seen myself as a super star in the NOW, with no material evidence, I've always carried myself and PREPARED myself for the "catapulters" (I know that's not a word but like Shakespeare, I make up my own). 
As a teenager everyone would say, "Travis, you guys (The School Boyz) are so lucky!" 
We weren't. It was Faith - the invisible, and Preparedness - daily small steps (practice, audible affirmations, sneaking into concerts that you'd never expect five black guys to be at, changing the company we were around- if you had nothing good to say about us we didn't want our brain to file your debilitating comments). These were just a few things we'd do. Now that I'm solo and a part owner in an entertainment company you better believe this advice applies to an even higher degree. One of my main slight egde small steps is reading a few bible verses daily and a few pages of a self development book daily. 
God clearly tells us in proverbs to seek skillful wisdom and Godly Wisdom. 
There You Go! Another one from your friend.... T~Rev T~Rev

"Every overnight success has been 10 years in the making!"

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